Community Institutional Capacity Building for Natural Resources Conservation and Management in Saviefe Agorkpo.

The project is to assist built capacity of Weto Mountain Forest Landscape Community of Saviefe Agorkpo to engage in sustainable natural resource management and conservation. An underlying base for resources degradation in the Weto Landscape is poverty, which is also induced by scores of knowledge gap. In addressing capacity issues for sustainable management of the Weto landscape the project was engaged in social mobilization; Institutional building; the development of traditional caves and sacred grooves; education on legal and policy issues pertaining to natural resource sector as well as indigenous and technical issues pertain to natural resources. The project was funded by New England Bio-lab (NEBL) From USA.

Saving Kalakpa Resource Reserve and Decent Livelihood for Kalakpa Residents.

The project  is about  the need to save, the wildlife Kalakpa Resource Reserve (KRR) and its inhabitants from spiral downward trend towards natural and social  extinction. The KRR, established in 1975 is degrading due to inactions of governmental institutions to relocate people affected by the reservation, improve their livelihoods and halt  continuing habitation.

The overall goal is to ultimately see inhabitants of KRR decently relocated and practicing decent and legal livelihoods, in the absence of managerial conflict with the managing authority, while the KRR thrives in enhanced biodiversity, to provide the  intended social economic and  environmental services to the local and global community in harmony with natures’ law. This advocacy project is funded by BUSAC FUND

Fighting environmental degradation and conserving biodiversity by organizing cooperatives to replant the endangered mangroves in Keta wetlands, Gbatsivi and Salo communities.

Capacity building for Christian Mothers Association (CMA) of the Roman Catholic Church based at Damongo in the West Gonja Diocese of the Northern Region of Ghana. The objective of the training was centered on equipping this group with skills to manage micro business. This is to deepen their knowledge in four key modules highly relevant to their Shea nut business. Project supported by USADF.

Capacity building for Organic Mango Out growers Association (OMOA) in Kumbumju, Diapele, Savalegu, Bagurugu, Tamaligu, Yepale, Gushie, Yapalisi,Zankale and Janga. USADF extended financial support to expand the membership of (OMOA) and also build their Capacity in various ways including leadership skills to enable them manages their farms effectively.

4. Livelihood promotion and institutional building for natural Resource Management of Saviefe Gborgame, Saviefe Agorkpo, Anfoeta Tsebi section of the Weto mountain range about sustainable use of mountain resources, biodiversity and well-being of the people. This project was founded by Satoyama initiative implemented under UNDP, UNEP/GEF/SGP and the World Bank and executed by Greenglobe Ghana.

Improving forest Governance through Community level participation and community based Forest Forums in communities in the Kalakpa Forest fringe communities of the Volta Region of Ghana to ensure that communities, local authorities and community based organizations are organized, trained to participate in forest management decision making process as defined in the Legality Assurance System of the FLEGT / VPA in Ghana.

Awareness Creation, sensitization and community mobilization in Kpale Ga, Kpale Xorse communities of the Weto mountain range. Build capacity of Rice, Maize, Yam, cocoa farmers and established tree nurseries for distribution to farmers for forest restoration. This project was also funded by Satoyama initiative and implemented under GEF/ COMDEKS/SGP, Project

Conservation of Sacred grove in Saviefe Agorkpo.

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