Hiring Freelance Game Developers To Stay Competitive

To avoid such situations, please have a long conversation with the person you are going to hire to understand his position and life principles that usually apply to work approaches as well. Great graphics motivate users not only to complete tasks but enjoy playing moments. What is more, some 3D games have a huge location map with some bonuses saved in hidden places. This way, creators provoke gamers to explore the whole location that has been carefully planned. Apple is one of the oldest players on the video gaming area, and Apple iOS is well-known for exclusive games with remarkable graphics.

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In conclusion, we may say that there is a fine line between remote and freelance positions, and it is up to you to decide what type of cooperation you would like to have with game developers. Game development industry is rapidly growing, updating, and upgrading the existing technologies and products. The number of game lovers all over the globe is in the millions and every second person has enjoyed or at least experienced playing computer games. Moreover, mobile game development keeps up with desktop versions, raving with a tremendous number of innovations such as AR and AI usage.

Hiring A Game Developer To Work Remotely: Difference Between Freelance And Remote Game Developers

With a personal approach to every gamer, allowing him to manage game settings intuitively to adjust them to his needs, game developers create a new type of games and carefully analyze feedbacks at the same time. AI become a vital part of a well-developed game, and for next years, the technology will become even more incorporated into the gaming environment. Moreover, game theory can contribute to AI development in return by helping researchers to analyze AI logic by inserting it in a game. One of the first and the most important stages as preparing for a game development project is choosing a game engine to build the game with. Therefore, it is vital to carefully review information about different game engines, their pros and cons, and what projects they can contribute to the best.

In conclusion, it is worth saying that the top 25 companies analyzed by the source capture 77% of the global games market and gained $121.7 billion in 2017. In conclusion, when it comes to defining what is the best game engine, it is hard to pick one universal solution. But in terms of usability, compatibility, and a broad range of features available, Unity game development software holds leading positions. Thus, it is the right time to consider finding Unity game programmer for hire.


As you can see, the game development industry has a lot of specifics you should know before you start your project. Of course, it is impossible to know and predict all the things that may come at the planning stage, prototype development, testing, and the final product launch. Therefore, it is important to gather a team of experts, each one in its field, to allow for the smooth development and organizational processes. A scripting language is a simplified version of a programming language that is widely used in game development. For example, Ruby on Rails game development requires Python and JavaScript knowledge.

The project is a 2d type of side-scroller with physics (like a 2d bmx/bike… There are four main statistics that are used to measure an employee’s skill. All this cutting-edge development requires a great team and Ironbelly knows just how to harness that.

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The game development cost estimation usually stays the same, but with nearshoring, you avoid such annoying little things as time differences, language, and cultural barriers, etc. A game development cycle is the same in general, but in each project that the game developer works on the roles within the team should be defined and followed. Thus, every person knows his duties and who performs one task or another. In contrast to 2D games that usually have the only one way of playing and achieving levels, 3D games offer a wide diversity of game genres, and it allows game programmers to make each game unique and memorable. You can check more information about the touch-gesture technology in this article.

Moreover, recently Apple launched Apple Arcade – the first ever game subscription which unites desktop, mobile, and living room devices. Corona is a great solution for monetizing iOS and Android products with simple and attractive 2D mobile games. Probably, it is the easiest way to develop a mobile game within the shortest time and with limited resources. If an employee is fired, they retain their salary, trained stats and job levels.

What Game Development Team Size Will Work Best For You?

If previously, there were debates between console and PC users only, this year mobile gamers entered the discussion due to fast-developing technologies and power of trends. It worth noting such games as Fortnite, PUBG, and Elder Scrolls Blades which are spectacular, fun, and cheap compared to the usual gaming setup. Moreover, people carry smartphones everywhere, so it takes a second only to start or continue a game in their spare time. Thus, the more platforms the game is available one, the more popularity and recognition it gets. The qualifications and experience of programmers can be on the same level, but the cost can vary a lot.

Following the latest innovations, they strive to expand into software solutions. These technologies dictate the future, and every company is interested in breaking the gaming industry with the new products the gamers have never experienced before. There is no need to say that everyone wants to be a trailblazer.

Innovative mobile games quickly became an essential part of daily life and moved a well-established console market aside for a while. When people become used to mobile games, both console- and mobile-based games occupied their niches. It was a time when such companies as Apple and Google build brand names in mobile game development and simply monopolized the recently born market. Unity video game engine proved to be the most popular game in the world, holding almost a half of market share that covers over 600 million users worldwide. Unity game developers prefer this engines for an ability to develop the whole game at one place.

On the global console marker, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo tend to lead over other companies and cover 57% of all console games revenues in 2017. GameMaker is another older game development solution that still has a lot of applicability and recognition among good game engines. With the recent launch of GameMaker Studio 2, this game engine becomes more powerful, quick, and useful. GameMaker can also be used for cross-platform game development, allowing to build a game with a single codebase and that can run natively on different game development platforms. For example, when Drake, Travis Scott, and JuJu Smith-Schuster joined Fortnite stream of a famous Tyler “Ninja” Blevins streamer, Twitch broke its record of a most-viewed stream by a single player.

  • Once you finish your console, you can replace them with a less costly, better trained employee, and hire the engineer again later if you need to make a new console.
  • When the Ironbelly team does not have the time to hire, they take advantage of the Concierge service where Workhoppers’ team does it all to find the right expert ready and available to start working.
  • This way, creators provoke gamers to explore the whole location that has been carefully planned.
  • Though a game development cycle requires a lot of teamwork and fast communication between the programmers, it is real for the whole development team to work remotely and provide amazing results.
  • As mentioned before, the most popular 3D game development software is Unity followed by Unreal.
  • I’ve got a ton of ideas for games so I never seem to get around to finish them, with a few exceptions.

Remote and freelance positions have a lot in common; however, there are some important differences between these positions. Both employers and employees struggle deciding which type of working hire a game developer schedule can meet their needs and expectations the most, confusing remote with freelance job offers. Let’s take a look at similarities and distinctive features of each type of these positions.

Their business is very dynamic and requires extreme flexibility in hiring top talent to rapidly scale up and down to stay in the game. What is more, you need to determine the required skills and qualifications for every team member you are planning to hire. In case you need a developer with more skills, like Spark developer, Mobilunity will assist you with hiring.

Freelance game developers, on the other hand, are mostly not bounded with contracts and obligations. Usually, freelance tasks are result-oriented and freelance programmers can arrange their schedule and activities more freely compared to remote workers. Moreover, autonomy in decision making and development process is welcomed among employers, it is the completed task within the given period of time that matters the most. Once the assignment is finished, the freelancer can move to the next project; what is more, programmers can work on different projects for different companies at the same time without problems. Fully remote work is a home-based job position offered by a company or an organization that also requires the employee to be available online for team discussions, updates, and reviews.

HD graphics, amazing sound and visual effects, ultra-high loading speed – all these are essential features of a good game nowadays. Therefore, for a video game developer company, it is vital to hire a high-class game development specialist with a huge experience and a creative working approach. Unity game developers prove to be the most skillful experts with a wide range of features offered by this engine. This post contains a comprehensive guide to game development features and trends and will help you to find and hire a game developer with a strong experience and Unity knowledge. 81113As can be seen from the table, Ukrainian game developers have the lowest rates when it comes for hiring a freelance or remote game development specialist. At the same time, Ukrainian developers are known and valued worldwide regardless game development team size they work with.

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Thus, the source of income is not stable and depends both on luck and professionalism of the game developer. By contrast, remote job position provides more guarantees and a stable income, so it is more secure and less stressful for workers. Not all the people understand differences between specialists working remotely and freelance experts.

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Thus, it is worth considering hiring game developers from Ukraine to contribute to your project. Feel free to use these tips when composing a job offer to https://globalcloudteam.com/ with knowledge and experience needed. If you are considering between in-house, freelance, or remote game programmer for hire, take a look at the next paragraph. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can find the right person and expert.

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In response, the Nintendo offered gamers brand new built-in touch screens and stylus same year. This comprehensive source proves that the 1995th became a very start of 3D game development, once Sega launched its Saturn System product with new computer technology and CDs instead of cartridges. A few years later, Sega launched Dreamcast, a first Visual Memory Unit that contributed to evolution the game development and changed the way games were played. Microsoft, inspired by the idea that console’s memory card could perform the role of the mini console itself, revealed Xbox SmartGlass shortly.

One of the main reason why VR didn’t rise as expected is expensive VR headsets required for observing the image. However, a similar technology called Augmented Reality or AR played well instead because it requires only a smartphone to have to view AR layer effects. Thus, nowadays, the trend is called VR/AR, although AR gets greater attention due to its better applicability than VR game development. For AR gaming solution, programmers usually use Unity and Unreal engines. The work of a freelance game programmer is followed by uncertainty because they need to find clients each time they look for the next project to complete.

Game Developer Job Description

Here you can find examples of requirements for junior, middle, and senior game developers that can help you to compose a strong job offer and find a specialist exactly for your needs. Tencent has 15% of global market revenue and has been selected No.1 gaming company in the world five years in a row. Moreover, the top 5 gaming companies haven’t changed since 2016.

There is an extremely high concurrency among game developing companies. When you enter this market as a software creator, you need to already have everything on point, from the game concept to a well-organized professional team. I have 10+ years of experience working as a freelance game developer and graphic designer. Otherwise, they will not be productive enough to perform their task. Moreover, they will not take the initiative and suggest helpful improvements, so their overall contribution to the project will be pretty low.

Game Designer Job Description

Though video games remain the most popular games, mobile gaming development is developing rapidly as well. Before 2017, gaming was a community-based pastime rather than mainstream entertainment. But after Apple’s App Store was launched in 2008, according to AppleInsider information, a lot of people discovered the gaming industry and, thus, the gaming gained the next evolution.

Budgetary constraints may also demand a layoff if your employees’ salaries are to be paid and you do not have the funds. I’ve got a ton of ideas for games so I never seem to get around to finish them, with a few exceptions. Well maybe you know how it goes, I for instance get bogged down with the details and such and my aspirations are often too large for the project to be completed within my attention span. The art’s good and I notice you manage to keep it ‘simple’ and clear. Find the type of work you need, clearly defined and ready to start.

As the cost of game development, in part, differs based on the location of workers, it is important to understand the rates in different countries. It may appear that the cost of the remotely-working development team from a nearshore country is twice higher or twice lower than in your country. Or you can find out that working with such countries as Ukraine is four times beneficial than hiring coders from Canada. Cross-platform gaming has been quite popular for a long time, but it reached its fullest in 2019.

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